Youth Sports Safety Month

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Spring is here and so is the opportunity for kids to get outside and participate in sports and other outdoor activities. Of course, that also means more opportunities for them to suffer an injury to their mouths and teeth.
April is Youth Sports Safety Month and while taking care of those pearly whites is a lifelong commitment, dedicating a month to the importance of sport safety helps to remind us all the importance of protecting our young ones from a serious mouth injury.
Our providers at Capehart Family Dentistry are in full support of this agenda. With nearly 40% of dental injuries occurring during sports play, it’s important for parents and children to have the right tools and safety tips to avoid a costly emergency visit to the dentist.

Your Athlete Should Always Wear A Mouthguard When Playing Sports!
Mouth guards are essential for your athlete. Not only will they protect your child’s teeth from chipping, but they also help to protect them from impacts that can knock them loose. Even more importantly, a mouth guard can offer additional support to the rest of the mouth and jaw, helping to provide additional protection from a concussion.
Mouth guards should always be worn during high impact sport such as football, hockey, or wrestling. They can also offer protection for athletes participating in other activities like basketball, softball, soccer, skateboarding, and biking. Don’t take risks by letting your athlete participate without a mouthguard.

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