Tricks and Treats!

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Halloween is almost here, and with that comes the good stuff…CANDY! And while we want you to enjoy the holiday filled with treats, we also want you to know the spooky truth about what’s in that bag of candy! Don’t forget that when you say, “Trick or Treat” that a trick always comes with that treat!
Bacteria sure is tricky!
The bacteria that are living in your mouth is even more excited for all those treats than you are! They are just waiting for you to feed them sugar. When bacteria get a hold of sugars in your mouth, they produce an acid that contributes to cavities.
Don’t worry! You don’t have to make your kids sit at home and miss all the fun while their friends dress up and go collect candy! We want everyone to have fun on Halloween! Anyone can enjoy an occasional treat if you are brushing twice a day and flossing each and every day.
Here are a few things to consider as you pick through those bags of candy:
Chocolate is your best choice! Not only is it a favorite for most but it’s your best option because it washes off your teeth easier than other kinds of candy.
Chewy Candy
Remember these five words: “BE PICKY IF IT’S STICKY”. Sticky candy is the worst option for your teeth because it is harder to remove from your teeth and it gives that tricky bacteria more time to work.
Hard Candy
Be careful with hard candy! You can break a tooth if you’re not careful! But if you are enjoying a piece
of hard candy until it dissolves then all that sugary saliva is just washing over your teeth.
Sour Candy
Sour Candy is hands down your worst pick from the bag. Sour candy is very acidic, and it can weaken or
damage the hard, outer shell of your teeth. And if it’s sticky and sugar-coated that makes it even worse.
Source: American Dental Association
Enjoy a few pieces of your favorite candy and let us help you with the rest!
Each year, Capehart Family Dental participates in Operation Gratitude’s Halloween Candy Give-Back.
Bring us the rest of your candy after you enjoy a few pieces and we will give you $1 for each pound of
candy. We will then give it to Operation Gratitude to send to our Veterans, Troops and First Responders.









All of us at Capehart Family Dental want to wish our patients and friends a Safe and Happy
Halloween! Enjoy a few pieces of your candy and let us help you share the rest!