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Tooth Extraction in Bellevue NE

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Wisdom teeth extractions in Bellevue NE

Tooth Extraction in Bellevue NE
Tooth Extraction in Bellevue NE

If you are experiencing tooth pain from your wisdom teeth, you are not alone. At Capehart Family Dentistry, patients frequently come in to see us with wisdom tooth pain. It is usually recommended that this situation is treated with tooth extraction in Bellevue NE.

At our dental practice, Dr. Dworak can provide tooth extraction in Bellevue NE when it is needed. It is common for wisdom teeth to need to be extracted because they are the last teeth in the mouth to erupt. This means that there is often little to no room for new teeth in the mouth, so wisdom teeth often experience serious problems when trying to come in. However, since wisdom teeth are not needed to completely chew food or to speak clearly, it is usually recommended that wisdom teeth are extracted. Wisdom teeth can be a common source of mouth infection and pain. Sometimes, a wisdom tooth will become trapped between the jawbone or gums, and is said to be impacted. This can be very painful dental situation, which is treated with tooth extraction. Sometimes, a wisdom tooth will begin to erupt and then stop. This can leave a situation where there is a gap in the area between the wisdom tooth, and the gums. Materials will gather in these gaps and infection will form. Wisdom teeth also often end up trying to erupt in the wrong places. This can result in the wisdom tooth pushing a properly-placed tooth out of its location when this happens it can actually cause disruption of your entire smile, or cause problems for orthodontic work which has taken many years to complete. In all of these cases, wisdom tooth extraction is usually recommended. When wisdom teeth are extracted, they do not need to be replaced.

If you need tooth extraction in Bellevue NE, simply contact us for an appointment.

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