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Giving Your Family A Reason to Smile
Since opening his practice in 2001, Jeff Dworak, DDS, has been committed to
providing the best in patient care and experience. Dr Dworak’s Journey
began at the University of Nebraska-Omaha with a Bachelor of Science
degree in Biology followed by a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the

University of Nebraska Medical Center. Since then, Dr. D (as we like to call
him) has been continually resetting the standard of patient care. For nearly
two decades he has been maintaining patients’ trust in an industry that has
otherwise been dreaded or feared by many patients. Dr. Dworak has
innovated the patient experience and has changed the way people think
about the dentist.

Your Smile is Your First Impression
Your smile tells your story faster than any means known to humanity. Facial
features play an incredible role in people’s perception of you. Your smile
elicits an immediate positive reaction from others. While a frowning face
most definitely has a negative effect. Dr. Dworak’s main objective is to give
his patients a smile that they can be proud of. A nice smile has a positive
impact on one’s self esteem.

The Patient Experience
As you enter Dr. Dworak’s dental practice, Capehart Family Dentistry, you
are entering an environment that isn’t your average dental office. You are
greeted immediately with a warm welcome and if it is your first time in the
office, you’ll be taken on a new patient tour. On your tour you will see a
clean, comfortable, modern waiting room with a free Wi-fi, a tv and updated
reading materials. Need to freshen up before your appointment? They will
show where you can find a complimentary tooth brush, floss and mouth
wash. The treatment rooms use soft lighting, tasteful decor and
comfortable furnishings to provide you with a relaxing experience.
Everything about your visit from the moment you arrive will provide you
with what Dr. D. likes to call a five-star experience.

The Modern Dentist
Dr. Dworak decided to chase his dream of writing a book and in 2018 he
published The Modern Dentist. In his book he shares how he uses a five-star
experience to change the way people feel about going to the dentist. He
feels that the “old model” is broken and he has made it his personal mission
to create a better one. He shares his new way, the modern dentist way, for
people who want something better. He states that a modern dentist is great
in all facets of their craft but believes that the modern dentist needs three
things in particular: skills, leadership and compassion.

It’s a quick read chalked full of Dr. Dworak’s practices and wisdom. He
shares everything from why a healthy smile is important to what his core
values are for each member of his dental practice team. See how Dr.
Dworak has innovated the patient experience with his skills, leadership and
compassion to change the way people think about going to the dentist in
the twenty-first century while also learning how to best care for your own
dental health no matter your age or previous history.
The Modern Dentist is available for purchase on Amazon. Click here.

Source: Dworak, Jeff D. The Modern Dentist. Advantage, 2018.