Straight Teeth Last Longer

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As a Dentist for 17 years, I have started a collection of smiles. I have a picture of patients with straight teeth and perfect smiles, and I show these photos to other patients. This is not to make them feel bad about themselves or to make them jealous.  Everybody is unique and has their own bite and challenges with their smile. My job is to make them the best that they can be.

The actual point of all this is to show a patient that these people with perfect teeth in perfect alignment will always be like that if they keep their teeth in this position. This is a simple concept, and yet it is usually overlooked.







 We do Invisalign in our office, and I see it as an important preventative procedure. To me, putting teeth in proper alignment is as preventative as a cleaning, sealant, or x-rays. If I can get patient’s teeth into a proper orientation, it can protect them from chipping, cracking, periodontal issues, and even some cavities.  I see 20-year-olds come in with perfect teeth, and even though they are out of alignment, they still look nice. However, I can also tell that in 10 years their teeth will look heavily worn and chipped because their bite is not correct. I realize that it is hard to get that message across to somebody who is young and not in pain. It is my mission in life to tell anyone who will listen, the importance of proper orientation of teeth.







So just remember… straighter teeth last longer!