Platinum Referral Program

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Merriam Webster defines platinum as a precious grayish-white noncorroding ductile malleable heavy metallic element that fuses with difficulty and is used especially in chemical ware and apparatus, as a catalyst, and in dental and jewelry alloys.
While platinum does have its use in the dental world, Capehart Family Dentistry likes to think of platinum as a way to thank our patients!
Referring your friends and family to someone or somewhere is the highest compliment that you can give them. Think about that delicious restaurant you went to last weekend. Did you feel welcome when you arrived because the service was exceptional? Was the meal even better than you imagined it would be? How about the atmosphere? Was it clean and was there just something about it that made you want to go back? If you walked away from that experience with a positive feeling, chances are you won’t just go back for your own personal enjoyment, but you will want to tell all your friends and family about it too!! People love to share great things with their friends and family.
At Capehart Family Dentistry, it is our goal is to consistently deliver high-quality professional services to all our patients. Our Platinum Program is our way of thanking you for telling your friends and family about us! We know that when you send your loved ones to us that you are trusting us to deliver
the same great experience that you received at your visit and we promise to
never take that trust for granted.
Here is how our amazing program works:
For every patient you send us, we will send you a $10 gift card and enter you
into our monthly referral give away! Once you have sent us three friends or
family members, you will be considered PLATINUM! We will then send you a
Platinum Box FULL of fun goodies, hand-picked just for you! You will now be
in the running for our upgraded monthly Give-Away!! And just when you
thought it couldn’t get any better, each year in the fall we host our BIG GIVE
AWAY!!! At this event, you might be lucky enough to win bigger than you can
imagine!! In years past we have given away things such as a cruise, a car and
a vacation of your choice!! This year you can win a Room Renovation
complete with a professional designer to help you make one room in your
house all that you have dreamed of!