Options for Nervous Patients

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Dental Anxiety: What Is It?

Dental Anxiety is defined as experiencing feelings of fear and nervousness towards going to the dentist. The level of anxiety varies per patient. For some, it might be just be a feeling of apprehension with a little bit of fear. In more extreme cases, the patient may completely avoid appointments to the dentist, even at the risk of their own health. They might ignore obvious gum problems or severe tooth pain because they feel controlled but their fear and anxiety.

How Can We Help A Nervous Patient?

We encounter nervous patients every single day at Capehart Family Dentistry. Our friendly providers are fully experienced at handling all variations of the nervous patient. We begin an appointment by talking about how you feel about the dentist. We acknowledge any feelings of anxiety and make sure we communicate with our patients that those feelings are perfectly normal and okay. We then decide on a practical solution together, to help you best handle your feelings of nervousness.
Exceptional dental care involves communication and trust between the patient and their provider. It’s important that you can communicate clearly and openly with your dentist about how you feel. That way, you’ll be able to reach an excellent solution together. It is our goal for you feel comfortable with trusting us.

What Are Some Options for Our Nervous Patients?

We have many options for our nervous patients no matter how simple or severe the case may be. In addition to negotiation and communication with your provider, we also offer what we call a “Comfort Menu”. Many options for a nervous patient are included on our Comfort Menu.