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Bellevue Root Canal

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Root Canal Therapy in Bellevue

Bellevue Root Canal
Bellevue Root Canal

In this world where every healthcare provider is a specialist and every practice caters to a small set of sub-specialty services it is nice to partner with a oral care practice that is big enough and diversified enough to take care of the needs of your whole family yet small enough to know and care about each member of your family. Capehart Family Dentistry is this kind of dental practice, one you can bring each member of your family and we will be ready to service all their oral care needs from preventative care to cavities to implants to Bellevue root canal treatments and more.

Among this wide array of dental services that our practice offers is endodontic treatments. Often referred to as Bellevue root canals the treatments are used whenever the roots of a tooth are infected by bacteria and decay. The soft inner core of the tooth, the pulp, is surrounded by a harder protective layer of dentin, which is covered above the gum by the tooth’s enamel and below the gum by a layer of hard cementum. When bacteria get under these protective layers it can decay and infect the pulp, causing pain and a possible abscess. An endodontic treatment is used to rid the tooth of the infected pulp and help restore the tooth.

Our doctor starts the Bellevue root canal by drilling away any decay on the surface of the tooth and then opening it up so the roots are exposed. Using miniature tools the doctor then clears out the infected pulp from the root’s canals. A mature tooth can survive without its pulp and get its nutrients from the surrounding tissue. Once the pulp has been removed and the canals cleaned they are filled with a rubber-like material and sealed to prevent re-infection. A ceramic crown is placed on the tooth to further seal it and to create a new chewing surface. The tooth will now look like all the teeth around it and will function like it always has. Come to our family dental practice to check your teeth for any signs of decay.

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