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Bellevue dentist
Bellevue dentist

Are damaged, stained, or misshaped teeth turning your smile into a frown? Don’t resign yourself to anything less than your dream smile; with the help of Capehart Family Dentistry, you can receive help from the Bellevue dentist to decide on the porcelain dental veneers or dental bonding that is right for you!

At the practice of Capehart Family Dentistry, we’ve been proudly providing top tier dental services to our fellow Bellevue community members for years. Our staff of friendly and highly skilled professionals share a genuine concern for the dental health of our patients; that’s why we create an environment that’s welcoming, comfortable and respectful for patients of all ages. Our wide array of services includes complete dental examinations, a large variety of preventative, hygiene, and periodontal therapies, the latest in porcelain restorations, mini dental implants and restorations, laser teeth bleaching and whitening procedures, porcelain veneers and the latest cosmetic restorative materials, root canal therapy, pediatric dental care, fixed and removable prosthetics, Invisalign, removable prosthodontics including dentures and partials, and much, much more. We make sure to combine state of the art equipment and cutting edge techniques to ensure that our patients receive the highest quality care with the least possible discomfort. In other words, if you’re seeking a teeth restoration solution, you’ve come to the right place. Ask a Bellevue dentist about whether veneers are a good solution for your particular condition; these porcelain pieces are custom-made to discreetly glued over dental imperfections, bringing uniformity and a polished appearance to your smile. Receiving dental veneers may require that your teeth are chiseled down slightly before the veneers are glued into place; this will help teeth be the proper width and blend in better with surrounding teeth. Veneers can correct for stains, misshapen teeth, spaced out teeth, chipped teeth, and many other imperfections. We can also discuss the possibilities of dental bonding where tooth-color resin is applied to the tooth and cured with high intensity light. This is also an effective way to improve the appearance of stained or chipped teeth.

To find out if you would be a good candidate for veneers or bonding, give your Bellevue dentist a call at Capehart Family Dentistry. Your smile will be in good hands!

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