Plattsmouth dental implants

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Implants in Plattsmouth

Plattsmouth dental implants
Plattsmouth dental implants

There is no longer a reason to suffer the embarrassment of missing teeth, or the need to chew awkwardly because of slipping bridges or dentures. Our Capehart Family Dentistry practice can fix these problems and improve the health of your whole mouth through the use of Plattsmouth dental implants. Our doctor will begin the replacement procedure with a thorough examination of your mouth complete with radiographs to ascertain what the problem is, whether an implant is a treatment option and whether there is sufficient bone material to accept the implant. Our doctor will discuss the exam’s findings and treatment options with you and answer all your concerns.

If Plattsmouth dental implants are the treatment option chosen our dentist will make an incision in the gum above where the missing tooth was and expose the bone. He will then implant a titanium anchor into the jawbone. If there isn’t enough bone material present a bone graft may be used to supplement it, this may entail extra time to heal before the anchor is implanted. Over time the anchor and the bone will fuse together to form a strong, stable root for the new tooth. Once the anchor has fused with the bone and area has healed it will be topped with a crown to form the new tooth. The replacement tooth will look, feel and function just like the natural one it replaced, except it will never get a cavity or need a root canal.

Our dentist also uses Plattsmouth dental implants to anchor bridges and dentures. Our doctor will implant two or more anchors to hold a bridge that spans two or more missing teeth. Not only does this hold more securely than a bridge that is suspended from adjacent teeth but it also prevents having to place crowns on those adjacent teeth. If the patient needs a denture our doctor will implant a series of anchors around the jaw line to hold the denture. The denture can be fixed or removable and will have a stronger hold than using traditional dental adhesive on a denture that just sits on the gums. Don’t let missing teeth damper your lifestyle, give our office a call to see what implant dentistry can do for you.

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